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Hosting a Fortnite Party in Your HOA

Image/Epic Games

The Battle is Building!

Fortnite Battle Royale is the extremely popular, 100-player video game where players compete to be the last one standing. The game includes one giant map and a battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combine with intense combat…. and the last one standing wins! Instead of just playing on electronics, why not bring Fortnite to life? Here are some ideas from our Lifestyle Managers to help you live the game for your next get together in the clubhouse.

Special Props to Make Ahead of Time

Use your imagination to create Fortnite themed decorations that will make your party pop! You can set a date before the get together where everybody comes to the community’s clubhouse or your home and colors a parasol that they will deploy on their landing to the special get together. Use plain white fabric parasols and some colorful fabric markers to make them your very own to ensure the guests land at your event in style. You can even prepare your own Loot Llama piñata to fill with candy that will double as a stand-out decoration!

Image/Derby Lane Dreams

More Decorations for Your Clubhouse

To get in the party groove, you want guests to walk into your community’s clubhouse and feel like they have entered the game. Creating decorations that are similar to the items in the game will help you do just that. Examples of decorations you can create are endless, but Chug Jug candles, popsicle stick forts, and supply drop party favors are sure to be a hit.



Get Together Snacks and Beverages

Victory Royale! Make sure your guest’s health level is at 100%. Everybody loves a good snack but creating snacks that double as a decoration is even better! When creating snacks, you also want to keep to the theme of the party. You can incorporate the snacks at the party or give them to your guests to take home and enjoy later, leaving them to remember the party even when it has ended. Snacks and drinks may include Chug Jugs, Vbucks cookies, and Brownie bombs.


Image/Mom on the Side

February HOA Events: Winter Olympics Activities in the Clubhouse

What better way to take full advantage of the current cold snap than to bundle your residents up in the clubhouse for Winter Olympics activities? From February 9 to February 25, the world’s best athletes will be competing in Pyeongchang, South Korea — and it’s the perfect time to hold games of your own! Below, our Lifestyle…Continue Reading

Make Your Community Sparkle this Fourth of July

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Grillin’ & Chillin’ with Dad

Father’s Day in Your Community Father’s Day is a celebration of all the hard work fathers put in, without asking for anything in return… and they deserve to be celebrated! Father’s Day is a great time to assemble your homeowners for fun in the clubhouse, and our Lifestyle Managers love to throw family events like…Continue Reading

October HOA Events: Halloween in the Neighborhood

    Sweet treats, spooky costumes and family fun are on the agenda for this year’s Halloween, and there is nothing more exciting than gathering the community together to celebrate! It’s time to shake up your basic Halloween planning and get innovative to create memories with your friends, neighbors and family.  Here are some of our Lifestyle Directors’ favorite…Continue Reading

August HOA Events: Olympics Party

August Lifestyle Events: Olympics Party Our communities have Olympic fever! The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio are in full swing and offer an excellent opportunity to gather friends, family and neighbors to show pride for their country. To celebrate the games, Lifestyle Director Nicolette hosted an Olympic-themed night at Hickory Hammock, inviting her residents to…Continue Reading

May Lifestyle Events: Mother’s Day

There’s just something about Mother’s Day that calls for DIY crafts and handmade gifts more than just about any other holiday we can think of. With a few days left until the big day, your residents will surely jump at the chance to make some special (and quick) gifts for mom. Melrose Lifestyle Services has…Continue Reading

An Easter Party Update!

Many of our wonderful Melrose Lifestyle Services communities enjoyed successful Easter party celebrations with their residents last week. Take a look below at some of our highlights! Hickory Hammock Lifestyle Manager Nicolette hosted Hickory Hammock’s Easter Party on Thursday, March 24th  from 6-8 pm.  Families came out for a fun night consisting of Peppermint the…Continue Reading

March HOA Events: Easter Party

With just a few short weeks until the holiday, your association likely has an Easter party or event in the works. While there are many great opportunities for your residents to gather at a conventional Easter party, your event doesn’t have to stop at the traditional egg hunt and Easter bunny photo op! There is still…Continue Reading

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