William S. Fife, Lifestyle Services Director

William S. Fife, Lifestyle Services Director

Bill Fife, CPRP, LCAM, joined Melrose Lifestyle Services in 2014 and has doubled the company’s industry footprint. Bill brings over 15 years of experience in creating and organizing community and prospect events. Over his career, Bill has created and managed a number of small and large scale events for home developers and communities. This experience, along with his knowledge of programming trends, technology, staff management, and marketing has guided the direction of Melrose Lifestyle Services into the established lifestyle and amenity management company it is today.

Bill is a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional by the National Recreation and Parks Association, a Licensed Community Association Manager, and is a member of the Florida Home Builders Association. Bill also holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida. Outside of work, Bill is a board member for the American Cancer Society’s Volunteer Leadership Board. He has had the opportunity to help plan events that raised over $600,000 to date for the American Cancer Society.

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